Who are we?
Ideas 4 Seasons BV was founded in the Netherlands in 2004. We are an importer of stocks for wholesalers in the flower industry, with products focused on florists and household mood items. To be the wholesaler of wholesalers, you have to work efficiently and dearly on a large scale, so we always have all our items in stock. Our sales system is characterized by sales agents who are spread throughout Europe, each in his own country with knowledge of the local market. As a result, all our customers have their own contact speaking their own language. These agents in turn provide us with the wishes and ideas of our customers that we use for the development of our products. Our logistics is 100% managed by specialized companies. In our company this is the case for each domain needed to create a complete range, each step is individually outsourced by specialists in their own field. Such as IT, product development, packaging, photography, website design, graphic design, etc. Our team has been working since its inception in home offices and all our professional activities are shared together online. No unnecessary files, no exorbitant rent for office and no home-office traffic jams, which saves time and costs. We have a Tiny showroom with s sample warehouse in Reeuwijk. This approach allows us to offer our collection competitively to wholesalers, growers and distributors. Our team is at your disposal for any request.